Time for Transition

As the year comes to an end, our current FS2 pupils have been passing on their knowledge to their FS1 friends. All the FS2 pupils paired up with a child becoming an FS2 in September as part of their transition. They supported their learning and shared what it’s like being an FS2.

The transition meeting for parents will take place in Early Years on Wednesday 20th July at 11.30am.

Getting Creative in EYFS

Last week, the pupils in early years enjoyed getting creative with our crafty day!

A visit from a Chelsea Pensioner





EYFS were lucky enough to have a visit from Natalie’s Grandad John, a Chelsea Pensioner. The children were mesmerised by his beautiful uniform and were very excited when he offered to teach them how to march and salute. EYFS marched in line with John and had lots of questions they were excited to ask! Some of the questions the children asked were…

Ethan- why do you have so many shiny buttons?

Jack- why do you have to march for hours and hours?

Arthur- where did you get your outfit from?

EYFS Celebrate Easter

This week the childrens have been learning new skills through the topic of Easter .


The Early Years Visit to Austerfield Study Centre

It has been an exciting day in Early Years. The children have visited the Austerfield Study Centre, learned about Easter customs and observed the first signs of spring, first hand. What a super day it has been! For the FS1 children it was their first school visit, well done, you were very well behaved. Thank you FS2 for being good role models too.

At the end of the day the group leader asked the children what they had enjoyed the best. Their answers were mixed:

“I liked the egg rolling” Freddie

“I liked meeting the Easter bunny” Isabelle Smith

“I liked finding the eggs” Ryan

“I liked the walk” Kayla

“I liked the bus”

Other comments were:

“I liked going inside the tunnel”

“I liked eating the chocolate that the bunny gave me”

“I liked the woods”

I could not believe how many fab photos I had taken when arriving back to school, there were over 100. Here are some of them:

image image




image image

image image image

image image image image



North Wheatley Cafe

Take a look at the North Wheatley Cafe, before the customers arrived.



The FS2 children designed and wrote the labels seen above in the photos.

On the menu was pain au chocolat, fresh fruit salad, crackers and yoghurt. There was also a choice of orange juice, milkshake or hot chocolate to drink.


As the children entered, the waitress greeted them and showed them to their seats. The chef prepared the food and assisted the waitresses in serving the food.

image image


The children ordered from the menu, ate and then paid before leaving. They were all so well behaved as usual and enjoyed the experience. They learned so much. Back in the classroom later on that day the children were asked what they learned. Here are a few of their answers.

“I learned that a waitress says, what would you like madam? if it’s a girl and what would you like sir? if it’s a boy.” Jack

“I learned about the jobs of a chef” Ryan

“I learned that the ‘p’ sign meant pence” Charlotte

They will be able to role play being a waitress, customer or chef in the cafe area in Early Years over the next few weeks.

Supporting Tim Peake the astronaut.

image image

Today, early years children learned about Tim Peake and his first space walk. Whilst the children were taking part in their independent learning, they had opportunity to download, print and colour their very own Principia Mission Patch just like astronaut Tim Peake. Lots of the children were interested and did create a patch. So many children wanted to make a patch that they over spilled onto the carpet area, Just look at their concentration!

The children can show their patch by uploading a picture of themselves wearing or holding it. If you would like to do this with your child go the stargazing page on the CBeebies website.